Waiting for Arrandale

I wrote recently about the fact that I’m a recovering shopaholic.

I’d like to talk now about a couple of purchases I’ve deferred. Remembering your victories is encouraging and helps maintain your state of recovery. :p

1) iPhone

I’ve been lusting after the iPhone ever since they released the first one back in 2007 but I only got it this year. How I did I manage to stave off an early purchase? Well, I already had an iPod, actually I had two. A 30GB iPod Photo and a 1GB iPod Shuffle. So I promised myself that I’d only purchase the iPhone when it’s able to replace my existing 30GB iPod as opposed to being an addition to my iPod family. It helped that I knew capacities were doubling pretty much every year (extrapolated from the iPhone and iPod Touch’s track record). I also eBay-ed my old 30GB iPod to help defray the cost of the iPhone. ๐Ÿ™‚

2) Xbox 360

I’m a bit of a gamer so I was tempted to get this. But as previously mentioned, I have a backlog of games. So I’ve decided that a couple of things will have to happen before I get this. Firstly, I’ll have to whittle down my PS3 and PC games backlog until it’s about 1-2 games only. Secondly, there must be a change in the form factor, e.g. Ps3 to PS3 Slim. So far I’m still waiting…

3) Big(ger) flat screen TV

I bought a 40 inch LCD TV but have since regretted not getting a larger TV. I just couldn’t stomach paying 30% more for 15% more inches. I should have gone for it. That’s another lesson, if you’re going to spend serious money, you might as well stretch (finances permitting!) and get what you really want.

I’ve promised myself in this instance not to replace or get an additional TV until we move house and even then only if the living room is bigger than the current one, thus necessitating a larger screen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

4) Desktop PC

Whenever I use my desktop I tell myself that I need a new one. The current one is single core and less than 2GHz in processor speed. It seriously chugs! But the reality is that I hardly ever use it (am on the laptop 90% of the time). So there is no need for me to upgrade.

The triggers for this purchase are the release of Win7, and a move to a new house. Rationale about the house is that currently I don’t have a study, so once I get a new study I’d need a new desktop PC to fit it out no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

One benefit of waiting is that if I’d bought earlier I’d only have been able to afford a fast dual core or maybe a quad core, but now if I continue waiting an i7 is not out of the question. :p

5) Laptop

Since losing my job I’ve been reluctant to make any major capital purchases, which is why I upgraded the RAM on my MacBook to 2GB and bought Parallels instead of getting new machine(s). The MacBook is a bit slow with Parallels, perhaps because it’s only a Core Duo not Core 2 Duo.

Despite the occasional slowdown, I’ve held off purchasing a new MacBook Pro thanks to this article I read in I read inย AnandTech back in June 2009. I’m waiting for Core i7 Mobile to come out for the Mac! (This is also calld Arrandale hence the title of this post)

With the new lithium polymer batteries and the more efficient Core i7 Mobile chips, the battery life should be amazing! Performance-wise it should be no slouch as well (see this review of Core i7 laptops by Laptop magazine).

Is there any purchase you’re deferring and what are the reasons for the deferment and what are you telling yourself so that you remain patient?

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