Pretty please

Being a parent brings a whole new perspective into your relationship with God.

It suddenly struck me today as I was contemplating how we teach our children to say please. When they get it that they should say please, it pleases me. Then they start using it like a magic wand or a lamp and that irritates me. You know, when kids just keep saying please, please, please non-stop?

Well that made me realize that perhaps that was the way that I treated my Heavenly Father sometimes (ok, maybe more often than sometimes!).

I thought to myself, perhaps the way that I approach prayer is the way that my first child uses the word “please”. I.e. in all my approaches to God I have been guilty at times of being less concerned with just being with Him (ref. the Mary vs Martha dichotomy, perhaps a subject for another day?) than getting something out of Him.

I was looking for something, anything that would let me get what I wanted as opposed to asking God what I needed.

To further compound the problem, God often says no. Like my child, I don’t understand my Father’s reasoning. Why yes sometimes and no sometimes? I can’t understand my Father’s thinking just like my child does not understand my thinking. My child has to learn to trust me, just like *sigh* I have to trust God.

But I take comfort in that the sovereignty of God is one of the hardest lesson to accept. Even Jesus prayed in Gethsemane and asked God if there was another way (apart from the cross) to save all mankind. Jesus did accept God’s will but it just goes to show that accepting the will of God, when it is not in accordance with what we want, is not easy.

So have you been “nagging” God or  surrendering to His will lately? 😉

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