Wasting time by wasting time

Am in a bit of a funk at the moment. There isn’t much going on at work and thus I”m feeling underutilized. Not an uncommon situation, in fact I found out that two of my friends are also in a similar situation.


I think that working by yourself or in a situation where you’re pretty much working by yourself contributes to this feeling of malaise. Other factors include working for a lousy boss. A boss that doesn’t know how to motivate you, someone who’s looking out for himself instead of realizing that helping you reach your potential is part of his job scope and that by doing so he’s helping himself in the long-run.

Add to the mix the reluctance to admit that your work is meaningless/unfulfilling.

The reality is that for most people work is a drudgery. The extent which is a drudgery is debatable but I’d put forward the case that this is the norm as opposed to the exception. The real exception to the rule are people who enjoy they work. And have good bosses.

You know the saying that good employees are hard to find and if you find one, hang onto them? Well I think that the converse is also true, ie that a good employer or boss is hard to find and if you find one, hang on for dear life! But this presupposed that you are also someone worth keeping. Even good bosses I’m sure don’t want useless hanger ons…

So I’ll add another resolution to my ever-growing list of resolutions: to be the kind of employee that someone would want to hang onto. But first I need to get off my butt and do some work instead of blogging! :p

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