Oblivion Tips

I played through the main quest last year and I really enjoyed it. This is probably only the second RPG that I really liked after Pool of Radiance.

The things that got me hooked were

  • the rousing music at the start screen
  • the great voice acting, e.g. use of Patrick Stewart as the voice of Emperor Uriel Septim VII
  • the fantastic graphics
  • the great story of the main quest
  • the easiness of the game (thank God for the console!)

I played through the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild shortly after finishing the main quest. Recently I’ve fired up the game again to finish the Dark Brotherhood quests and an now playing through the Thieves Guild.

I’d forgotten a couple things that I used the first time round, I’ve re-learnt them (and a couple of new things) and am posting them here 1) to remind myself and 2) on the off-chance that it might be helpful to someone.

Please note that I’m playing on the PC version so most of the hints rely on the use of the console.

1) the UESPWiki

This site probably contains all the info you need on Oblivion and on the Elder Scrolls generally.

2) the Thieves Guild

I hated the need to fence goods. The best place to go is Drakelowe which has a basement with lots of potions. Sell them and you’d pretty much have met the requirement for the entire Thieves Guild quests.

3) the Console

You can read more about the console here. My favorite commands are:

  • tgm – toggles God mode
  • tai – toggles AI on and off
  • movetoqt – moves you to where you need to be for the current quest
  • kill – click on the target and type this in, for when you can’t be bothered to hack someone to death
  • coc testinghall – it’s like the loading screen in the Matrix, all the weapons you want are here

Moving to Australia

The main purpose of this blog is actually to document my thoughts and feelings about moving to Sydney. I might talk about tech, work and God as well but those are sidelines or should be sidelines in this blog.

In fact I’ve started up two other blogs, one for work and one for God.

But back to the main topic. Moving to Australia or Sydney more specifically.

There are many things one should know about moving to Sydney, I’m not going to write about all of them. I will, though, write about the things that are important (to me at least, and hopefully to you too!).

Over the next couple of weeks (months?) I plan to write about the following (in no particular order):

  • Cost of living
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Making friends
  • Useful on-line resources
  • etc

Well that’s all for now. Be back, hopefully, shortly…

OS X Woes

I’ve been a regular Mac user since 2005 when I bought my 12.1″ iBook.

I was really happy with OS X 10.4 Tiger. After coming from the nightmare that was WinXP. I used to reinstall WinXP so often that I got very familar with Norton Ghost and even partioned my machine so I could reinstall WinXP on a regular basis safely without touching my data partition.

I was also moving from a desktop (for WinXP) to a laptop (the iBook). The portability was a breathe of fresh air. Back in 2005, my work laptop (I believe it was a Dell Latitude D600) wasn’t very good at suspending and took ages to boot up. The iBook by comparison booted up almost instataneously and was fantastic at suspending. Months would go by without rebooting the iBook unlike my WinXP desktop or laptop which would crash into a BSOD (because of memory leakages I presume) after a day or two of running.

The love affair with OS X started to sour after I bought my MacBook in 2006. The iBook used to run very cool, but the first-gen MacBooks were hot!

Then I upgraded to Leopard and OS X just didn’t seem as stable as it used to be. Safari seemed to get slower and slower, Finder started to grate on my nerves (if there’s an error moving a file, it’s gone! OS X doesn’t wait for the transfer to go through before deleting the original; why can’t it display folders first before displaying files? this is when you sort by filename), etc.

OS X started to crash, not a lot but it felt like the gap between Windows and OS X had narrowed.

The latest problem was dotmacsyncclient. It just stopped working, and even worse, I couldn’t even go into the System Preference pane to adjust MobileMe’s sync preferences!

Goggled and there were all sorts of advice
– fix disk permissions
– delete your login keychain
which I did but it didn’t help.

Finally I came across a forum posting which suggested that I reset the SyncServices folder. Finally a solution that worked!

But why was it so difficult to come across the solution? Heck, dotmacsyncclient wasn’t even referenced in the Apple knowledgebase article! I literally had to stumble across the solution!

Fail, Apple, another Fail… 😦