Has Apple lost its way?

I first used an Apple computer way back in the 80’s. A couple of friends had the Apple II on which I played games like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and Loderunner on.

Subsequent to that my dad bought a Mac and I even played Pools of Radiance on a Mac (Plus, I believe).

But later on I used PCs almost exclusively (with some Sun machines thrown in at university).

I loved my Toshiba laptop bought in 1993 and to a lesser extent my desktop which I bought in 2000.

It was almost 5 years later after I got fed up with reinstalling XP every month that I gave up on PCs and bought an iBook and I loved it. It was way ahead of PCs, stable, able to go to sleep reliably and resume almost instantly. This was on Tiger.

But with each iteration of OS X it became slightly slower, slightly more clunky. This is based on my experience which is mostly surfing and using iTunes so your mileage might vary.

I upgraded to a MacBook in early 2006, it was faster but heavier and hotter. Cracks were appearing on the facade of the perfect Apple…

Then in April 2010 I bought an iMac, I thought the yellow tinge issue had been resolved. Boy was I wrong! After getting a replacement which was worse than the first iMac I gave up and asked for a refund.

So you have OS X getting more bloated, iTunes becoming more clunky, iMacs with crappy screens and an iPad which doesn’t play nice with Flash.

I’m sure that most people would say that Apple has never been on a higher high.

Well I disagree.

I think that  when someone appears to be on the top is when the seeds of destruction are planted. So far people have been unable to copy Apple’s ease of use. But someone will, sooner or later. And at that time, unless Apple fixes all these problems, it’s going to be like the early 90’s all over again for Apple.

Yeah, the design on the surface is still stunning. But it’s superficial.

When you get cracks on MacBook casings, MacBook Pros that hit 100 degrees Centigrade, iMacs with defective screens and iPhones with bad reception I’d say that form has definitely trumped function.

And what about the way Apple are treating their developers re: restricting them from using Adobe’s development tools to code for the iPhone?

Yes, perhaps Apple will fix these problems. I for one hope so. But I’m not holding my breath…

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