Do you have an agenda?

Was reading’s bias statement and it got me thinking.

You know how some people operate with an agenda (hidden or otherwise)? Well perhaps not all of us are Machiavellian enough have an agenda but most of us have a bias.

For example, people who introduce Purpose Driven small groups into churches are often accused of having an agenda. I don’t think necessarily that it is a sinister agenda. It is more of the appearance of having an agenda due to having clear objectives and being intentional with regards to the five purposes.

Neither do the people who oppose the introduction of small groups have an agenda. At best they are being cautious or good stewards, at worse they can probably be accused of having a bias.

A negative bias against something, be it Rick Warren, American culture, the style of music, the apparently “casual” way scripture is treated. A lot of these negative biases can be shown to be the result of misunderstanding(s).

Afterall, the church is made of sinners (redeemed sinners but sinners nevertheless). We are all in the process of being sanctified and I doubt anyone (unless highly deluded) would suggest that they have “arrived” in that respect.

Therefore being fallen beings with failings, some of which we are not even aware of ourselves, it is easy for people to be prejudiced. To have biases.

It is hard to be unbiased and to approach things with an open mind. Especially when we’re probably right most of the time. The problem is when we are wrong, when we have jumped the gun and the conclusion is incorrect. That is when we dishonor Christ, when we reveal ourselves to be small-minded and Pharisaical.

It is not wrong however to be biased or to have an agenda. I just pray that we do so consciously and intentionally. Do not let your biases be formed by the media or by your upbringing. Analyze yourself and throw out those which do not accord with your deepest beliefs.

Then your biases will truly reflect who you are and who you want to be. We all should strive to have an agenda, a goal. It would be a shame to just drift along in life, a victim of unconscious biases or being driven by the agendas of others.

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