Set-up your environment

Was just thinking about why people blog this morning. I guess it’s because they have something to say and perhaps no one to say it to so they just blast it out into the internet. Apart from the minority of bloggers who have tons of followers/readers the majority are either writing for themselves/their friends/no-one.

Blogging is also a good way of communicating asynchronously. In our fast paced modern life it is difficult to sometimes find the time to talk and discuss things in depth and at length with our friends. I guess that’s part of the reason why email, voicemail, blogs, twitter and IM are such popular ways to communicate. It lets us say as much as we want when we want it.

But I digress. I was thinking about blogging and in addition to thinking about why people blog I was thinking about how perhaps the ease of blogging aids in the in blogging endeavor.

Not “blogging is easy” but “how can one set things up so that when one gets inspired one can just start blogging straight away”.

The latter implies that one has deliberately set up an environment that aids in the smooth transfer of thoughts from self to machine. Now this could encompass the physical environment (ie a special room, a good keyboard, etc) or the virtual environment (good software,  hosting site, etc).

This then lend me to consider other “environments”. We can have environments for sleep (i.e. our bedrooms), for work (our offices) and even our hobbies (e.g. a workshop).

Our environments can aid our efforts to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve. Or it could detract from our aims.

Having multiple browsing windows open, an IM program, an email program, AND our work could be a serious detriment to getting anything done as this NYT article shows.

All this is leading me to think that perhaps I need to give more thought to the environments that I find myself in at the moment. Did I end up with them almost by accident? Do I need to change some, perhaps get out of some? Whether it be work, home, church or friends it’ll be good not to bumble along with the status quo but examine life and see how to improve it.