Machinarium (Game Review)

Just finished Machinarium a game by Amanita Design.

It’s a game in the grand Lucasarts SCUMM tradition, i.e. it’s a point and click adventure game where you collect things, do things and solve puzzles.

It was on sale recently, US$5!, so I bought it. The cool thing is that they have a PC, Mac and Linux versions!

It starts with you, a cute little robot, being dumped into a pile of rubbish. You have to re-assemble yourself and then find a way back into the city. The aim is to be reunited with your girl-friend robot.

The story is told in flash-backs that appear as dream bubbles above your head. “Talking” is also through animated bubbles as there is no talking per se in the game.

To me it has a “Beneath a Steel Sky” feel to it. Each scene or location has the hand-drawn look to it and the music is appropriately “robotic” and won Best Soundtrack 2009 from PC Gamer magazine (pg 68)

It’s a short game though so you’ll probably finish it in a couple of days. I’d recommend it, but perhaps wait for the next time it’s on sale instead of paying “full retail” of US$20.