Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy

Backlogs everywhere, in all aspects of my life, feeling clogged up… 😦

Anyway, managed to tick one item off, the game Indigo Prophecy (know as Fahrenheit outside of the US).

The game itself blends new age philosophy. the Matrix, “motion” controls and bugs into an interesting mix.

I don’t really want to spoil it too much, you can see the Wikipedia entry if you want spoilers! 😉

When you think about it, it’s pretty sad that a lot of stories have the AI/Matrix “feel”. Even the new Dune stories written by Frank Herbert’s son has an A.I. antagonist. And the theme song to Caprica has hints of the Terminator tune. 😦

Nevertheless, it’s worth playing if only to see the predecessor to Heavy Rain (PS3).

Now onto the practical help section.

If you happen to be running Win 7 you’ll probably have issues running the game. To save you the heartache I went through, here’s what helped me to get it running. It took me hours of Googling, so hopefully now you won’t have to! 😉

GameSpot – this ought to get you running

Patch to 1.1 – this will enable you to patch to the latest version of the game

NoCD exe – and this will save you from having to swap discs (which didn’t quite work for me in any case!)

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