Another brick in the Wii…

Had a friend who hacked his Wii and he inspired me to do the same thing.

The process wasn’t too bad but not exactly easy-peasy so I thought I should write up my experience in case it might be helpful to someone out there!

I found WiiBrew a very useful site.

First step is to install the Homebrew Channel and BootMii

Then I installed the following loaders

  • Gekco OS
  • Menu Loader
  • TinyLoad
I then loaded a couple of IOS which I needed so that I could install d2x and Configurable USB Loader (know as cfg).
Cfg allows me to to backup my games to HDD and play them from HDD (therefore reducing wear and tear on the DVD drive) I installed

If you have problems installing anything, check out GAF’s Wii Homebrew Tutorial which give step by step instructions to installing pretty much everything you need.

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