Worthy of praise

Wow! Can’t believe that my last (proper) blog post was in July last year.

Feels like a lifetime has passed…

At that time I’d been out of work for roughly 2 months. It was the second time for me and I had joked to a friend that the good Lord does not test us beyond what we can bear, and since the first time round I had gotten a new job within 6 months obviously I could look forward to a new job by November!

Little did I know that things were already being put into motion despite the little faith that I had (which was displayed by my making a joke about God’s faithfulness instead of a bold declaration of it).

The primary change / praise point was the new job that I started in October last year. Surrounding it though was/is a multitude of blessings which showed not only God’s goodness towards me and my family but also His care. Little things just fell into place  – things that showed His extravagent goodness. You know the expressions – my cup overflowth?

So in no particular order, the praise points in the last 6-7 months are…

  • new job (in particular this job is a Shelter from the Storm, or the Joy of the Lord is my Strength/Strong Tower, which should be a blog post in its own right)
  • the miraculous way He provided the job – new city
  • His guiding us to a suitable school for our eldest, this had a knock on effect on where we lived…
  • new home which is uber-convenient
    • it’s uber to transportation  
    • it’s uber close to various malls and shops  
    • it’s uber close to both my wife’s and my bible study (Bible Study Fellowship international, go join now!)  
    • it’s uber close to my second’s playschool (which had move mere months ago to this closer location)  
    • it’s 10 mins from the church we’re attending (which is moving in 5 weeks to be EVEN CLOSER to us)  
    • not to mention the new home is EVEN BIGGER than our old home and the rent’s cheaper! 
  • new massage therapist
  • new church (my old church is going through some changes now, see Shelter from the Storm) 
  • my second managing to get into the children’s program at my wife’s BSF class (it was pretty full!) 
  • a great price for my MBP (I sold my 18 month old MBP for 1/2 the price I bought it for!) 
  • winning the work raffle, got a 3D TV! 
  • new company laptop*, which is super uber as it has a SSD! 
  • new company phone*, which just happens to be the iPhone 4S! 
  • the kids have been great and have adapted very quickly to the new city.

The LORD is always worthy of praise but it’s much easier to praise when things are going smoothly. 😉

Don’t worry, I’m not missing the point (I hope). I.e. we are blessed to be a blessing and I’m working on doing that.

Reference: 2 Samuel 22:4, 1 Chronicles 16:25, Psalm 18:3, Psalm 48:1, Psalm 96:4, Psalm 145:3, Revelation 5:12

*Look, I know these IT things seem small but I’m a geek so it’s pretty special to me! 😉

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