Production vs consumption

I feel acutely the battle within me between producing and consuming.

What I mean by this is that, and this is related to the battle between what I NEED to do and what I WANT to do, it’s often a struggle between choosing to do something creative or to sit back and absorb.

To write a blog, or a thoughtful email to a friend instead of vegging out in front of the TV and channel surf.

To pick up the phone and have an intelligent, caring conversation with someone instead of putting on my headphones and tuning out the world. (Related problem to this, even if I wanted to talk to someone, is there someone who’d want to talk instead of tuning out?)

This battle is not exclusive to this generation although I feel that it’s become more heated now.

In the past people also had a variety of entertainment to amuse themselves with.

20 years ago there were tons of videos you could borrow from the local video shop.

50 – 100 years ago there were tons of books you could borrow from the local library.

100+ years ago there were tons of operas and musicals you could go to.

Admittedly these activities were probably (as you go further back to the past) the purview of the upper classes. What our generation enjoys like no other is the democratisation of entertainment and distractions.

People have to chose between playing sports after work (where at least you were getting some exercise), going shopping, catching  a movie, a play, a musical, a concert, etc, etc.

Compounding the problem is the fact that people (unless they train themselves not to be) are inherently lazy.

To talk about how to overcome that trait (and Get Things Done) would probably fill several blog posts (if not books).

It’s not a journey I’m still on. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll reach that nirvana (of being 100% disciplined) in this lifetime. But that I can do is chip away at it, one blog post at a time.

It may not provide the visceral high of immediate consumption but it will hopefully, when I look back in the future on my posts, provide a warm glow of contentment that would last longer.


One thought on “Production vs consumption

  1. Oh I totally agree. Even when I want to produce I will tend to procrastinate and end up consuming instead! Let all get more disciplined. =)

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