Esteemed him not

There is a freedom….

It is not up to me.

I want, I want….I want a workplace where we all work together as a team.

But I lay this desire, this dream at the feet of Jesus. I am now prepared to let it die.


Because I have realised that my colleagues, they esteem me not. They look down on me. But the favour of the Lord is on me. My performance is better than theirs.

Not because of my wisdom, not because of the excellent work that I do. But because of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So I am set free.

From fear, fear of failure. From performance anxiety. For the result is in the hands of Almighty God. The Ene who created the universe. The One who caused the flood. The One who multiplied the 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

I just do my work diligently (albeit slowly) as unto the Lord. I no longer strive in my own strength to create the team. I just do my bit and leave the rest to God. And enter into His rest.

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