One step at a time


Men are terrible multitaskers in my opinion. Which makes them badly suited to the modern times that we live in?

There are a multitude of things we need to do, in a variety of arenas.

And the pressure is on to do well in all of them.

To top it off, what needs to be done, and how, is constantly changing.

We tend to think about modern business as all about the pursuit of money.

But when you think about it money is just a medium of exchange.

What are really being fought over are resources. The ability to command people’s time and priorities. (Because in the pursuit of money defines our time and hence our priorities, at least to some extent.)

What we give our time to, what we prioritise over others, what we are DEVOTED to. Doesn’t that sound like worship?

As has been mentioned we fight against powers and principalities, why should we be surprised that in our modern era where the supernatural is poo-pooed (unless it is in fiction, on screen or in books) that they should disguise themselves as modern corporations, institutions and entities.

Against this backdrop of indecision and indecisiveness, as modern emasculated men, fighting against powers and things beyond our understanding, what chance do we have?

If we were on our own, or bandied with other mere mortals, the chances are slim.

But praise be to God that we are not alone. We have One who fights on our side. Constantly interceding on our behalf against the evil one. And not only is He a perfect role model for humanity, He is the Perfect Man and perfector of our faith.

Do not be discouraged. Remember that salvation happens in an instant but that sanctification takes a lifetime. Let’s take it step by step. And let us not walk alone; He is always there, waiting to walk alongside.

And let us also walk with each other, and encourage one another – praying without ceasing that His Will be done and for one another.

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