It’s August.

The start of D30. I’m going to try be more productive for 30 days (hence D30 for Days Thirty, or thirty days). And the first step is to reduce the amount of time I spend on the internet which is non-work related, or paying bills. Basically stop visiting forums and tech sites.
To that end, I have installed the Chrome plug-in StayFocused.
I’ve entered my favourite websites and it allows me up to 10 minutes a day them (in aggregate, not 10 minutes per site).
Stack of gifts
In the days leading up to D30 I had a vision of unwrapped presents. And I think that it can describe some of us who live in the developed world.
Water is cheap and plentiful. It doesn’t even cross our mind that the water we get is potable. it’s just assumed. Blackouts and brownouts are, generally, unheard of. The internet, wired and mobile, is pervasive and somewhat cheap and fast.
But what is the result of all this abundance? A populace that is distracted and impatient. Having things go smoothly does not help you develop patience. A multitude of activities and entertainment does not help with focus.
So that’s why I’ve decided to wind down. To slow down the pace of life and to smell the roses. To take stock of what I have, give thanks to God for my blessings (material and otherwise), and to start unpacking some of those presents that I have.
Where I have more than I need, where there is excess, I will sell or give them away.
Where things have outlived their usefulness I will dispose.
Wonderfalls 2
Where there are sentimental mementos I will keep them, but I will have to be judicious as to what qualified as memento and what is just kitsch.
Where there are things I need to archive and file away, I will do that, and label and inventorise them so that I can retrieve them easily should the need arise in the future.
I might not achieve all these aims, but to me, goals are not necessarily things that must be completed 100%. These goals are more aspirational than mandatory.
I don’t know if I’ll be different in thirty days. But I do know that if I don’t do anything, nothing will change.

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