Microsoft and the French Connection

fcuk_canadaSome of you may be familiar with the UK fashion house, the French Connection. They like to refer to themselves as FCUK.Well in my opinion, Microsoft is FCUK-ed.

I mean the organisation has gone completely pear shape in recent years. I guess the rot started when Bill Gates step down as CEO in 2000. He was still working full time as the Chief Software Architect until 2008.

In those years, Microsoft released the original Xbox, Microsoft Office 2007 (darn ribbon!), and (ugh) Vista.
Well one out of three ain’t bad. And they did fix Vista finally by releasing Windows 7 in 2009.
But Windows 7 was the last hurrah on the OS front. Even then you can see the seeds of incompetence. (deletion of Advanced Search in File Manager).Office 2003 was the last good version, pre-Ribbon. Now each time I want to search Outlook for emails I need to tick “search sub-folders” something that was default behavior previously.
But after 2008/9? Now that Balmer is solely in charge what has he done in the last 4+ years? Look at the mass exodus of talent?
We’ve had Office 2010 and now 2013, Surface and Windows 8. Both are tremendous disappointments. Ok, the Surface hardware isn’t too bad but c’mon the 16:9 aspect ratio? Do you see any books in that aspect ratio? It’s like they are saying we only want you to consume movies and TV shows on the darn thing!
Office 2010 which I’m using is just a facelift. A lot of the old options are still there, just hidden away by a thin veneer of pretty. Dig deep enough and they pop up.Windows 8 is the same, dig a bit deeper in the Metro interface and you get thrown back into Desktop mode with the same ugly old Control Panel settings. Talk about a half-baked tablet interface! And then 1080p on a 10.6 inch screen? Not usable at all in Desktop mode unless you have super eyes!Metro is dead in the water as far as I’m concerned. Look at how long it’s taken Android to get tablet apps. And it’s coming from a strong mobile phone base, ie already has a lot of Android developers.

Windows RT and Windows 8 (Metro) does not have that strong base of developers. Heck, can Win 8 phone developers even switch to Win RT / Win 8 Metro development easily? That’s a question, not a statement – I don’t know.
This frustrates me because I think people just want to have a familiar desktop interface coupled with office software for the office. Well I guess we can all switch to Linux….
EDIT: Just wanted to add some points made by my friend regarding Windows Phone which I left out of the write-up.
MS is not responsive to basic and critical navigational feature suggestions made 3 years ago and I am sure they couldn’t care less. I think WP will either eventually die after the takeover
To sum up, the OS, the PC hardware (ie Surface), the phone, and perhaps even the console (XBone) is FCUK-ed….

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