Continual stimulation

comfortably_numb_by_mauserart-d530gbfUnfortunately, unlike the song would like to suggest, we are not growing comfortably numb.

We are growing numb from over stimulation but instead of cutting back on our electronic inputs we are doubling down.

From being available only in government and educational establishments to the workplace, then the home, finally (through the mobile broadband) everywhere.

From waiting rooms to bedrooms, from trains to aeroplanes, people’s faces everywhere are being lit by the blue-ish glow of their mobile devices.

i forgot my iphone

Instead of being in the moment we are tempted to record it instead, for review at some indefinite time in the future when we have more time. Except that we probably have stored up enough materials (educational, entertaining or otherwise) to last several lifetimes.

Our leisure pursuits, instead of serving to relax us, become a source of stress instead. We feel compelled and obligated to rush through all twenty-four episodes of 24 ’cause we have tons of other movies and shows yet unwatched, sitting on our shelves. And, crazily, we continue to add to the pile at each sale at the mall.

Our human desire for more, that dissatisfaction with the status quo, which can drive us to improve ourselves, fight injustice or invent something is instead subverted into gluttony. A global malaise whereby we waste millions and millions of man-hours into relaxing, which is our god-given right, damn it! ‘Cause life is so stressful!

Which is just b/s. Look at the previous generation where people worked harder for longer and didn’t whinge about it as much.

We need to slow down and reconnect. Give our bodies much needed sleep and lay off the over-eating, over-indulgence at least for a couple of days.

But don’t talk to me now. Big Brother is on…